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Administration of data boxes

Data boxes are a way to receive and send electronic documents from/to public authorities.

This method of communicating via data boxes replaces classic paper post, as the Data Box Act makes the printed and the electronic versions of a document equal in weight and relevance.

Data boxes are set up by law for public bodies and certain groups of legal entities or individuals – entrepreneurs, while other individuals and entities need to file an application.

The data box is an essential part of your business in the Czech Republic. If you want to make sure that you do not miss any important notice or deadline, have us administer the data box of your business.

This service includes:

  • Personal administrator
  • Collecting incoming data messages on a regular basis
  • Distributing data messages along with a short summary to relevant contact persons, as you may specify (directly to your accountant, for example)
  • Storing and keeping records of data messages
  • Sending data messages from your data box to relevant central government bodies

We are ready to provide your business with all the necessary services – from giving you a registered office and handling your post, through providing you with accounting, tax and payroll services, to arranging for information technology, enterprise applications and systems, management consulting, transaction advisory, expert services and financial due diligence.

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